CORE – High Performance Injury Recovery

Core is the only anatomically correct support garment for recovery of low back, pelvic and hip injuries!

Recommended by the Medical community Core provides anatomical support for the recovery of hamstring, quadricep, hip flexor, lower abdominal and groin strains. No ore wraps – just put Core on and go. Core is beneficial as part of a rehabilitation program to get you back in the action safer and designed to keep you there longer.

Core 3.0 has a medical compression rating (20 – 30 mmHg) and is recommended to assist in the support of the core injury during the acute phase and the transition phase back to action. Many choose to keep wearing the 3.0 for sporting activity or select the 1.0 depending on risk of injury occurrence.

How does the “X” Core Activation System help?

Core is the only support system to connect the hip to the opposite lateral leg both front and back. This mimics your own anatomy to provide accurate functional support. No more need for those leg/groin wraps that were put on in the training room.