• Revolutionary X band design mimics the functional anatomy of the body's core area to boost performance
  • Anti-odor technology prevents the growth of odor-causing microbes
  • Smooth, chafe-free flatlock seem construction

Waist area is circumferential providing
pelvic compression 
Tension is created for both unidirectional
and multidirectional movements 
Diagonal elastics cross from the hip to the
opposite mid thigh - front & back 

PRO 1.0

CORESHORTS PRO 1.0 supports the pelvis, hip, and groin areas while allowing for maximum motion. Recommended for all ages and activity levels. Patented "X" Core Activation System with 4 way stretch material. Latex Free, Antimicrobial, Quick Dry, Wicking Material. 

PRO 3.0 

CORESHORTS PRO 3.0 protects the pelvis, hip, and groin areas while providing functional motion control. Recommended for serious athletes and those with active lifestyles. Patented "X" Core Activation System with specifically blended 2 way elastic strips. Latex Free, Antibacterial, Antimicrobial, Quick Dry, Wicking Material.


The purpose and design of CORESHORTS is what differentiates them from
regular compression shorts and makes them UNIQUE!

Everything was special about inventing CORESHORTS. It was a great idea that many have said "I thought of something like that" but no one else had put the time, money, sweat or risk into making it happen. The Core Activation System "X" was created to provide a simple solution for enhanced core support, improved stability and optimizing function.

Take a moment to watch the Education Video explaining why CORESHORTS are so amazing! Read more about our story here.