Our Story

The Original CORESHORTS™ – Not just a compression short!

Everything was special about inventing CORESHORTS. It was a great idea that many have said “I thought of something like that” but no one else had put the time, money, sweat or risk into making it happen. The Core Activation System “X” was created to provide a simple solution for enhanced core support, improved stability and optimizing function.

CORESHORTS™ – an effective strategy to enhance functional movement. The idea was hatched during a meeting of some great minds over a few beer – CORESHORTS™ featuring the Core Activation System “X” technology – was created and first drawn on the back of a beer coaster.

They are not just a compression short. The patented technology is designed to provide localized circumferential compression to the low back and pelvis while connecting the leg to the opposite hip just like the anatomical cross support of the core anatomy. CORESHORTS provides the only anatomically correct support system with strategically angled elastics made to specific tension specifications for optimal motion control.

CORESHORTS™ enjoyed great early success from hundreds of professional athletes as well as any person who required improved stability and motion control assistance. CORESHORTS™ provide beneficial support during the recovery of groin injuries, pelvic sprains, hip strains like high hamstring, quadriceps and hip flexor, lower abdominal support and improved function after Total Hip Replacement.

CORESHORTS™ has been highlighted on of a few very popular TV Shows like the Discovery Channel Show called Daily Planet featuring the BC Lions. There was no deal on CBC's Dragon’s Den but the show produced three episodes about Coreshorts including being voted “the one that got away” as featured in an episode with Rick Nash at the Columbus Blue Jackets training camp.

The rapid sales success supported by the consistent positive feedback from athletic trainers, athletes and all users caught the attention of Under Armour and a licensing deal was put into play.

It has been 9 years and CORETECTION is back in control of the CORESHORTS™ technology with plans to enhance both fit and function. CORETECTION is also looking to add other beneficial products that bridge the gap between injury and functional recovery while optimizing performance.

We are very excited to have the opportunity to be back helping people improve their function and their lives – Innovation that works!


Greg Bay 

Sports Physiotherapist - BSc. Educ, BSc. PT, FCAMPT, Dip SportsCo-Founder and Innovator CORETECTION

Greg is a sports physiotherapist and the creator of the CORESHORTS technology – Core Activation System. He has been active in teaching and mentorship and is always looking for a better way to enhance movement, injury recovery and prevention. He has worked in private practice for over 30 years and travelled the world representing Canada with the National Men’s Soccer Team. A career highlite was being selected as the head therapist and Rehab manager at Whistler for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Greg continues to see clients with CBI Health as well as working on further innovations that bridge the gap between injury and functional recovery while optimizing performance. His passion and leadership make every day exciting with endless possibilities.

When he is not driving people crazy with ideas he can be found spending time with his wife – Jennifer and two girls – Bella and Kaite.



Claude Gagnon


Claude brings his extensive hockey background both as a player (12 professional years) and as a top sales representative for a leading hockey manufacturer to the CORETECTION Team. His hard work on and off the ice has gained the respect and trust of therapists and equipment managers in dressing rooms across North America.

Claude has been in the equipment industry for 16 years with both hockey and sports apparel companies. He is a proven leader in sales and has experience in working with professional teams and the retail industry in Canada, United States and Europe.

Claude will be the team captain in building a sales force to ensure that CORETECTION products will be available for everyone everywhere.


Ross Agathos

Vice-President of Sales CORETECTION 

Ross Agathos is an entrepreneurial sports industry leader with a passion for bringing innovative products and ideas to life.  In his 30+ years in the sports manufacturing industry, Ross is recognized for his success in developing practical and effective high impact solutions to meet the gaps and needs identified through his trusted network.

As the President and Owner of Vaughn Custom Sports Canada, (1988 to 1997). Ross oversaw production, marketing, distribution, sales and managed all relationships and communications with NHL goalies.  During this time Vaughn Canada was the #1 goalie company in the world. As the Founder, President and Owner of Eagle Hockey (1998-2008), Ross’ vision was to build the best players hockey glove both at the professional and retail level. By 2001, Eagle was the most worn glove in the NHL and best selling glove in the marketplace. The gloves were cutting edge in materials, colours, weight, functionality, and performance enhancement, with advanced technology designed to be the most protective glove in the market and ultimately becoming the number one glove of choice by professional lacrosse goalies.

After selling Eagle, Ross continued in the sports industry by starting up a unique custom bag manufacturing business that addressed the needs of team travel and the game-to-game riggers for equipment managers and athletic trainers. 4orte differentiated as a leader in team travel bags and was instrumental in designing the custom soft shell compartment bags used by many professional teams and colleagues today.

After enjoying a break from the sports industry for a few years in support of a family owned restaurant business, he recently returned back to his core passion with the opportunity to step into Vice-President of Sales with CORETECTION Products LLC. with the re-formation of the company and re-launch of the original core shorts.

Ross will be heading up the day-to-day operations of CORETECTION with the current focus on re-establishing our commitment to the integrity and quality of the CORESHORTS™ and it’s manufacturing, as well as getting back to rekindling our relationships with athletes and the healthcare industry.

Alongside his passion as a sports industry leader, Ross cherishes spending time and creating memories with his three sons, one beautiful daughter in law and two grand dogs, in London Ontario.