CORE – High Performance Active Wear

Core is the solution for your daily support!

High Performance Active wear to support all your busy activity needs. This is not just a compression garment! The patented “X” design created with strategically engineered elastics provide you with the edge for improved stability and motion control.

The 1.0 four way “X” stretch technology provides low back – pelvic – hip support for all your daily needs. Used by many for general lifestyle activities.

Fitness activities – yoga, hiking, jogging, walking, gym programs

Employment activities – labour – shovelling, lifting, push/pull

High intensity – fireman, policeman

Lifestyle – gardening + yard activities

*Post partum Mom’s* – Recommended by health professionals

Core provides optimal pelvic stabilization to assist in your active return to your daily activities and fitness. If you have any pelvic pain post baby you should always consult your health professional before starting an exercise program.