Our team chooses Brand Ambassadors based on enthusiasm and community engagement, both locally and virtually. Social media skills, content creation, and writing are all very important to CORESHORTS™, but above all, CORESHORTS™ is looking for inspiration and active involvement from YOU! Your job opting in as a CORESHORTS™ Brand Ambassador is simple as can be – avidly represent the essence of CORESHORTS™ over your contracted term.

    When should I begin posting after opting into the program?

    Right away! Core onboards ambassadors all throughout the month, so once you’ve joined the team you’re free to post.

    How many required social posts are required each month?

    1 main feed Instagram post and 2 Instagram story posts. 

    How many followers do I need to have to join team #coreshorts?

    To join the team, you need to have a profile on Instagram or TikTok with at least 500 followers. If your profile is not public we cannot consider your application.

    What can I expect to receive after completing my required social posts?

    After completing the 1 main feed post and 2 story posts monthly, we have created a top-tier program combining our brand ambassador program with our affiliate program. CORE offers 15% commission on every sale and a 20% discount to its brand ambassadors. 

    Despite being sales-oriented, CORE is selective about who gets to be its brand ambassador, making it a tight-knit community of true fans. If you are a student athlete and can’t participate on the affiliate side we have created a backend rewards system you can build up store-credit to our online store.

    How can I ensure the CORE ambassador team is receiving all of my social posts?

    Please be sure to include #CORESHORTS and tag @coreshorts in all your social posts.

    Are the terms of the contract negotiable?

    Unfortunately, we are unable to change the terms of the Brand Ambassador contract. If this program is something you’re no longer interested in or able to comply with, that is completely fine and there will be no hard feelings! We ask that you please contact our team to discuss any questions or concern you may have regarding the contract.

    Am I allowed to post for competing brands or products?

    Per the Brand Ambassador contract agreements, our ambassadors are unable to post for any direct competitors of ours. This would include products such as compression shorts and compression leggings.

    What happens if I don’t post for a while?

    If you choose not to participate for at least two consecutive months, you will automatically be removed from the program. If you decide later that you want to start back up again, you will have to reapply on our website.

    How are my sales tracked?

    Your sales are tracked by using your own personalized URL link or coupon code that you share with your family, friends, and network.

    How can I see the sales I’ve made?

    Once you have signed up you can sign into your dashboard and view your sales analytics in real-time along with commission reporting.

    How do I update my banking details?

    You can do so by logging into your account you create and under your profile you can change your primary banking details that are on file. 

    What is the cookie duration?

    Unlike most websites offering 30 day cookie, we offer 365 days to guarantee you the sales commission!  

    Where can I follow Coreshorts on social media?

    Follow us on instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok all on @coreshorts

    Where can I find the product lines?

    Please click on the shop tab on our website ( for all CORE products.

    Where can I purchase Coreshorts, or find it at a retail location near me?

    You can purchase CORE products directly from our website ( or use our location finder on our website for nearby clinics / retailers that carry the product.

    Who should I contact If I have any questions?

    Please message us through email