CORE – High Performance Athletic Wear

Core is the edge in performance you have been looking for!

The patented “X” Core Activation System is composed of strategically aligned elastics to improve stability and motion control providing you with a performance edge unlike any other compression garment. Core is not a compression short – the motion control is provided by you pushing against the “X” elastics and then feeling the kinetic energy recoil back to your muscle system for improved stability, motion control and performance.

Used by professional and recreational athletes in all sports CORE will provide the advantage you have been looking for. There are two options depending on your stability needs.

  • CORE 1.0 – a four way “X” stretch elastic that creates tension for optimal stability and motion control with a snug fit that can accommodate a variety of pelvic/hip shapes.
  • CORE 3.0 – a two way “X” stretch elastic that creates specific tension for maximal stability and motion control that produces a tighter fit with greater activation. Because they fit tighter they primarily fit a more athletic shape.